AURAKAI is an online resource website designed by one man which aims to assist you on how to prepare yourself for the dangers that lurk on the
World Wide Web.

Browse the database and learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones and your business.



Understand the ins and outs of viruses and how they impact on your computer performance as well as your sensitive data. Learn how to avoid infecting your device and how to clean them off your system when your device has been infected.



Family comes first. As we advance further into the world of technology, we will also uncover new threats that are ready to make their move on their next victim. Keep you and your loved ones safe.



Keep that padlock...locked. Put a lockdown on all of your sensitive data and control the way you access your own personal information. Your business is yours only.

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Warren Knight

IT Consultant

Hello, I am Warren. I have over 10 years of IT security experience and I provide IT support consultancy to over a dozen of companies. I am responsible to ensure that their network and data are completely secured from the prying eyes of the internet.

During my line of work I have seen countless of users who are unaware of the dangers that lurk on the internet. Spam emails and malware attacks are happening too frequently and I believe this is due to the fact that there are not enough resources out there to fully help these users to secure their data.

I built this website to be an all-in-one database to help you learn and assist you with any queries you have about your security in the online world.


If you have any queries or issues regarding your personal data or any problems with the site then please enter your contact details in the form to the right.

I currently work full-time and therefore I cannot respond to you immediately. Please allow up to 3 working days for a response.