How to choose a good password

Let's admit it, we have all done the same thing and that is either choosing the same password over again or just settling with our 123456's or abcdef's.

But little did you know is that if you use the same password for every login you have and one account is hacked then most likely the other accounts will follow the same fate.

Here are a few tips I would recommend you follow to help with your password management skills.

12 Characters with Uppercase, Numbers & Symbols

Mix your passwords up with uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers & symbols.

For example, if I want my password to contain the words Dogs are awesome, then I can write it as D0G$4r3C0O1!. This is to help to protect you from brute-force or dictionary attacks which try to guess your password through different algorithms.

Generate your Password

There are online websites which can help generate a strong password for you. I choose this website if I ever need to create a password for myself or for even my clients.

You can choose from how many characters you want, what type of characters to include and a little phrase to help you remember it.

Use a Password Manager

Of course, you may have so many accounts that you probably cannot remember the passwords for them and therefore you have to settle with resetting them every time you forget.

Invest in a reliable password manager such as Dashlane, Lastpass or 1Password which stores all of your login information and requires only one master password for you to access that information. Dashlane and LastPass both offer free versions however you can only have them synced on to one computer.

If you wish to have your passwords synced across multiple devices (including your Android/iOS device) then you will need to pay for their premium services. 1Password offers a 30 day trial.

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