iOS vs Android: The Battle

Ding ding ding! In the red corner we have iOS and in the blue corner we have Android. Which device will win the title for the best secure phone? Well let's break down the rounds! But first of! Let me give credit to this background image which was <a href="">designed by vector_corp / Freepik</a>

Round 1: Updates

Let's get to it! And it's a jab from Apple.

iOS updates have been pushing out wildly every year but what stands out more is the support for older models. For example iOS13 is available on iPhones up to the iPhone 6s which is almost 5 years old! However Android updates only seem to be supported on certain brands that typically support models which are 2 years old or less unless you have a Pixel which Google has kindly pushed Android 10 on even their first Pixel. How nice...but Android is a mixed bag with developers and so the win goes to iOS.

Round 2: Options

Oh! Apple just took a stagger there.

Face ID is brilliant but that is your only bio-metric security option since they haven't implemented Touch ID into their iPhone "notch" models. However, with the huge amount of Android phones we have Face recognition, Iris Scanners, Fingerprint scanners and even signature recognition (which I think has died off). Face ID is the best for face recognition but that is the only option and so Android wins this round.

Round 3: Permissions

"Facebook requests your location" Sorry Facebook but you're not invited.

Android has it's own dedicated privacy section to maintain what apps have control over on your device and you can just switch it from a touch a button. Previously Android was a difficult OS to use to try and change app permissions however after the release of Android 10, we have come to find that it is all grouped into one menu often under the Advanced setting in the Settings menu. iOS is just as good but I find it not to be as user friendly. Both OS have perfect control over app permissions but Android is easier and takes this round.

Round 4: Threats

Android just had a little sneeze there but Apple came in with a right hook! Oh that has got to hurt!

Unfortunately Android is the bigger target from hackers and viruses and so it is more likely to get a little cold. Of course this will vary between the manufacturers such as Samsung have their KNOX platform which prevents any unauthorised little buggers from loading up making it a more secure way for the phone to boot up. However, Apple just keeps itself contained and most professionals call their phones "Unhackable". I am still waiting for John McAfee to eat a shoe after he claimed he could hack into an iPhone and would eat one if he couldn't. Well that was a Mission Failure and we have yet to see a shoe eating extravaganza. As Nike would put it, "Come on John! Just Do It!".

Round 5: Apps

And down goes Android!

While the Play Store has more than 2.5 million apps available, these apps can also be installed by downloading .afk files from online sources. However if the source is not trusted then you are in for a big surprise and probably a dangerous one too. Apple only allows users to install apps via the App Store and by no other means. You can jailbreak your iPhone and install third party apps but then this fight will become a street style and we are just keeping it professional here.

The App Store is carefully monitored by Apple and same for Google on the Play Store but with Apple tightening up on the install process, I have to give this Round to them.

Winner: Apple

Well I have to say if you want a truly better security experience then you are better off using an Apple device. iOS is really on point with their security however that limits their options and ease of use. If you are careful and mindful on how you use your device then an Android is also suitable for you but if you are one of those people who don't know what to expect then stay safe, stay simple and stay for iPhone.

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